Baby Boomers Marching On…

I am 65 and its kind of scary. It colors everything. The death and demise thing. There are millions of us doing this together. Here we go. Our turn.

I LOVE earth an am pissed off about being reabsorbed into the Cosmos. So how do we do this?

You can do it however you want. I want to do it with awareness of the precious time left.

If you are an active, achieving sort, the bucket list idea may appeal to you. You may want to visit all 50 states, walk the Camino, run a marathon.

I want to do less, not more. A spiritual counselor once told me “If you don’t do one more thing, you have done enough.”

There is an old tradition in India where as one approaches old age, they sell all their belongs and travel on foot with a begging bowl, wandering on a spiritual pilgrimage.

Instead of digging our heels in deeper to previous pleasures and asserting our ego, maybe we need to start letting go with grace. Age is NOT just a number.




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